Web Design

Using a template for your business website is ok if you want to be like the other businesses that have used the same template for their website. Your business should have a unique design tailored to needs and the business.

I will sit with the client and see what their goals are for their business and how they want their website to look, from this I will create a website design based on what they required to achieve.

Web Development

After siting with a client and getting to know what they want from their website, I will either create a design if required or if the client already has a design, I will proceed to start the development of their website to create them the website they wished for.

I use HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript to develop a clean and semantic markup that can be viewed on multiple platforms from desktops, laptops, tablets and more.

Responsive Design & Development

Responsive Design and Development has become more popular over the years. with many designers and developers incorporating responsive into their designs and code, as more clients and small businesses require this.

Responsive Design and Development now makes it easier for your targeted audience to view your website on more devices such as laptops, tablets and multiple more mobile devices.