Highbury Stone & Repair

Highbury Stone is a small independent contractor specializing in all types of stonework and interlocking. We proudly service Burlington, Ontario and surrounding areas.

The Design Crew

The Design Crew Inc welcomes you to a stylish and relaxed hair salon environment. Hosted by a team of skilled individuals who have worked successfully in Oakville for twenty two years.

Expensify App

Add all your expenses to one manageable list.

Expensify is an app which allows you to store expenses to a database, and track your bills or spending.

It is build using react-redux and firebase.

Indecision App

Can't decide what to do? put your options in a list and let the computer pick for you

Weather Forecast

7 Day weather forecast is a small web application that uses the openweathermap api, bootstrap and Jquery & Json, to display the highest temp for a city that the user has entered.

NodeJS Weather Forecast App

It uses the location you enter to retrieve the latitude and longitude data from mapbox.com and then passes on both the latitude and longitude to darksky.net to get the forecast for the location you entered.

Try it out by clicking below.